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Professional Management, Global Marketing & Promotions

As a working professional, artist or performer it is difficult to call attention to your work, especially if you lack the time, tools, or professional networking capabilities. Green Dragon Empire, LLC is a professional management and global marketing agency equipped with the skills and tools to get you the exposure you're seeking.

Why Green Dragon Empire?
Green Dragon Empire, LLC takes pride in our clients, makes personal investments, and provides professional marketing and promotion, ensuring the success of each endeavor. With more than 15 years of experience and employing a network of professionals, nationally and internationally. We are recognized world wide as experts in branding, marketing, promotons and event management.  Green Dragon Empire, LLC has offices located in Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.  Green Dragon Empire, LLC has the insight to get you noticed. We cater to many professional people including:

• Business Professionals • Artists and Performers • Athletes
• Law Enforcement Practitioners • Models • Actors


With Green Dragon Empire, LLC you are not just a name on a roster.

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