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Professional Marketing, Management and Promotion

All working professionals, artists, & performers are all very unique. Green Dragon Empire, LLC provides tailor-fitted professional marketing/promotion and support to ensure the success of an artist, professional, or event.


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Applying a comprehensive approach to marketing is the most effective way to bring desired results, no matter what the product. Green Dragon Empire, LLC uses this approach for every event and every client. One-on-one marketing solutions through data analytics and strategic marketing coupled with creative intervention.  Green Dragon Empire, LLC utilizes sophisticated cutting-edge data management technology systems to market and promote clients.  The company believes that the combination of their Internet technology and global contacts is the best way of introducing our professional clients to the world today.  Green Dragon Empire, LLC combines traditional face-to-face meetings with contacts and direct mail marketing with e-mail marketing to strategically cover areas of interest through the United States and the rest of the world.  Green Dragon Empire, LLC is an agressive marketer and promoter for all of its professional clients. 

For Artists
Promotion is completed using a network of international professionals, museums and galleries, to secure a viable setting, and ample time to prepare for the event or showing. Direct mailings, advertising, and special promotions are used in concert with Internet exposure to ensure maximum exposure.

Global marketing campaigns assist with promotion while global contests bring added exposure. Green Dragon Empire, LLC creates a platform for success for our clients and builds a marketing plan that our clients can use for a life time of success.  Contact a representative of Green Dragon Empire, LLC for futher information.

Sales and Promotion
Often professionals, artists, and performers do not have the time to engage in direct sales or promotion. Green Dragon Empire, LLC uses networks and resources to place works with retailers/wholesalers, in exhibitions, (galleries and museums).  Also events, festivals, and world wide franchises, provide logistical and sales support. This approach is meant to work with an existing website.

An organization is tested by how well it provides support to its clients. Green Dragon Empire, LLC is meticulous when producing and promoting a product, vendor, gallery, or client. With an ever-growing clientele, it is important to ensure each project receives the same amount of attention as preparation. Green Dragon Empire, LLC stands alone and provices outstanding support to its clients.

Green Dragon Empire, LLC's legal experts work to ensure all licensing, copyrights, and patents are issued properly, maintaining high-ethical standards to ensure intellectual property rights. We are the best at what we do.

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